Programs & Services


Through a one-stop Micronesian Center, We Are Oceania (WAO) aims to support the Micronesian communities in Hawaii by recognizing existing and creating new programs and services to support self-empowerment of our people in the following areas:


To help develop the capacity of our various COFA citizen associations, youth, churches to become even more effective support structures for our community and provide parental training for school involvement.

Social Services

To centralize the existing and develop creative and culturally-responsive outreach programs to our COFA citizens in the areas of health, language acquisition, employment, housing, and other needs of our community.

Community Advocacy

To build partnership with existing network of faith communities such as St. Elizabeth Episcopal Church, health advocates such as the Micronesian Health Advisory Council (MHAC), community networks such as COFA Community Advocacy Network (COFACAN), legal advocates such as the Legal Aid Society and Appleseed Center, and others who work to change unjust laws and practices that affect Micronesians in areas of health care, housing, labor, and educational services.

Educational Services

To sponsor educational research to understand and develop Micronesian-focused educational programs that are culturally appropriate for the COFA parents and children . Using research data, WAO will develop professional development programs for local public schools teachers and administrators in culturally-responsive approaches and pedagogy.

Economic Development

To develop partnership with the UH Business Center or other business incubators to help COFA citizens in utilizing their expertise and traditional skills to develop business ventures.